Scandal in a Digital Age

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It is now the burden and responsibility of the news media business to establish the difference between credible news organizations and everyone else with information to share.

So when we discredit ourselves the way News of The World did, it impacts the entire business, starting with companies closest to the offending party, like those in the same corporate structure. It also opens the doors to others who would fill the gap and who can get into position to do so in a matter of hours as opposed to months or years.

While you might not consider News of The World in the same category as the New York Times, there are still some journalistic standards that must be upheld across the board. Like the National Enquirer in the US, the News of The World does cover government officials and serious targets, and like the National Enquirer, if they are going to take on those serious targets, it has to adhere to the laws in place to protect subjects and media alike.

The National Enquirer, for its part, has made great strides toward establishing its coverage as very serious. We have to earn it back, but we are fortunate, in the news business, to be given the opportunity to do so quickly because we are always working on new stories and breaking news. Looking back at many of the biggest mistakes made in the industry one can see that the businesses that survived them moved quickly by owning up to the mistake and putting in place procedures to prevent what happened from happening again.

What is personal data and why do we have to share it?

In the media, as in politics and government, the real problems tend to surface with the coverup, not the original crime. In the New York Times went through a brutal plagerism scandal involving another young reporter named Jayson Blair. The resulting internal investigation, which the Times also published, led to the resignation of Times editor Howell Raines and his managing editor Gerald Boyd.

Again, the publication weathered the storm by working hard to reestablish its credibility early and often. But in this case, News Corp. The public and the government were assured over and over again that after considerable internal investigation the problem was isolated and over.

The Omnipresence of Scandal | Psychology Today Singapore

Thus began the coverup. Like many of the most famous coverups—Watergate comes immediately to mind—the ultimate downfall of the participants came because they lied about the original offense rather than taking responsibility, seeking to identify the underlying factors that allowed the problem to occur, and trying to fix them and move on. In media, we today have precious else besides our credibility to set us apart from anyone with a bullhorn or a website.

Yet they unleashed hacking and leaking practices that embarrass, shame, and expose, and, in doing so, engaged a transnational public with accounts of political abuse and scandal as it unraveled online and in major newspapers. Tied to hacking and scene-making, the leak as forbidden text and as information, as political drama and tell-all fiction, exposes a new relationship between the aesthetic and the political that took on a new meaning and relevance with the Arab uprisings from onward.

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Approaching hacking, leaking, revealing, proliferation, and exposure and scene-making as writing and protest genres as well as conceptual tools for understanding Arab culture in the digital age, Leaks, Hacks, and Scandals explores contemporary writing practices and activism against the backdrop of new media developments and the political transformations that gripped the Middle East starting with the First Gulf War and into the new millennium. Breaking with the study of modernity and its emphasis on the novel and the nation state or on religiosity and secularism, the book examines the intersections between the digital and the subversive in Arab culture, tying the internet to the street, writing genres to affective performances.

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The book starts with a theoretical history, reading leaks as a form of embodied release of data and stories that conjures up classical storytelling genres to capture a bewildered audience that follows online and votes at the poles as we are witnessing in places beyond the Middle East today. I explore Arabic registers of leaks and scandals as they shape and are shaped by transnational contexts and new media technology, and by the classical tradition as well. I tie in Twitter to scandal fiction and the classical genre of akhbar news, anecdotes, lore , and examine hashtag campaigns as forms of cyber trolling and tribal mobilization that call on followers to partake in a scene of archaic violence.

Garda taping scandal defies quaint old logic

Tying leaking and hacking to Arab practices of fadh exposure, scene-making , and contemporary leakers and hackers to mystics and jinn, I examine throughout the book the intertwinement of and the mimetic relation between fiction and digital culture, the Arab tradition and cyberculture, online exchanges and street protests, and the local and the global. The focus on the Arab world in dialogue with hacking and leaking scandals and the history and theories of leaking and scene-making makes the Arab world not so much a case study but rather a framework to reflect theoretically on new definitions of literature and culture, on their relation to the political and the digital, and on their genres and critiques in a transnational context.

Princeton: Princeton University Press, Juli Juni August Diese Website verwendet Akismet, um Spam zu reduzieren. Trafo offers a platform for scholars in the humanities and social sciences who are interested in questions of transregional research. But the impetus for reform is now even stronger than it was in the s, and not just in South Australia. As recently as March 3 this year, the Standing Committee on Law and Justice of the NSW Parliament also recommended that a statutory cause of action be introduced in NSW that would enable people who have suffered a serious invasion of privacy to commence civil action.

Our institute believes such reform in the 21st century is both necessary and overdue.

Leaks, Hacks, and Scandals: Arab Culture in the Digital Age

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Scandal in a Digital Age Scandal in a Digital Age
Scandal in a Digital Age Scandal in a Digital Age
Scandal in a Digital Age Scandal in a Digital Age
Scandal in a Digital Age Scandal in a Digital Age
Scandal in a Digital Age Scandal in a Digital Age
Scandal in a Digital Age Scandal in a Digital Age
Scandal in a Digital Age Scandal in a Digital Age

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