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Atiyah, "Global theory of elliptic operators", Proc. Related Topics , Univ. Tokyo Press MR Zbl Brown, R. Douglas, P. Connes, "Non-commutative differential geometry" Publ.

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IHES , 62 pp. Douglas, "Banach algebra techniques in operator theory", Acad. Press MR Zbl Gel'fand, M. Naimark] Neumark, "On the imbedding of normed rings in the rings of operators in Hilbert space" Mat. Jones, "A polynomial invariant for knots via von Neumann algebras" Bull. Kasparov, "The generalized index of elliptic operators" Funct. Kasparov, "Topological invariants of elliptic operators I.

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Nauk SSSR , 4 pp. Encyclopedia of Mathematics. This article was adapted from an original article by A. See original article.

Inclusions of simple C* -algebras

Categories : TeX done Functional analysis and applications Functional analysis. This page was last modified on 20 April , at Press MR Title: Construction of 2-dimensional Groose-Wulkenhaar model with multi-scale loop vertex expansions. Title: Mean ergodic theorem for amenable discrete quantum groups. Title: Kasparov's proof of Atiyah-Segal-Singer fixed point theorem. Title: Kasparov's Poincare duality for elliptic operators.

Title: Kasparov's proof of Atiyah-Singer index theorem. Title: On noncommutative dimension theory. Title: Hausdorff closeness and the rigidity of Roe algebras. Title: The recent developments in Elliott program. Title: Essential normality of homogeneous quotient modules over the polydisc. Title: Baum-Connes conjecture for proper coefficients. Title: Laplacians on self-similar sets and their spectrum.

Title: Twisted Roe algebra and equivariant coarse embedding. Title: Local Mappings on Some Algebras. Title: Strong Banach property T. Title: On controlled Mayer-Vietoris sequences. Title: On almost representations of groups. Speaker: Vladimir M. Title: Higher signatures on Witt spaces. Title: Recent developments on dimension theory for dynamical systems and the nuclear dimension for crossed products.

Title: Noncommutative geometry, equivariant cohomology, and conformal invariants. Title: Sarason's conjecture for Toeplitz products. Title: Certain actions of finitely generated abelian groups on higher dimensional noncommutative tori. Title: Curvature and Rigidity in Manifolds.

Title: Operators on the Bergman spaces on polygons. Title: Noncommutative Poisson boundaries and Cuntz algebra states. Title: On the classification of AH-algebras with ideal property. Title: Higher index theory for expanders.

Title: Lifting local homeomorphisms to Cantor set. Title: Equivariant coarse embedding into Hilbert spaces. Title: Introduction to compact quantum groups and compact quantum metric spaces. D, East China Normal University. Title: On the stability of the spectral properties under commuting perturbations. D, Tongji University. Title: Operator algebras in geometric quantisation.

Title: Existence results for some nonlinear elliptic equations with measure data in Orlicz-Sobolev spaces. Title: Kazhdan projections, random walks and ergodic theorems. Title: The Principle of Locality made simple. Title: Lecture series on graph algebras.

Xin Li: Cartan subalgebras in C*-algebras

Title: Crossed products from dynamical systems. Title: Faithful representations of graph algebras. Title: Existence of the Matui-Sato tracial Rokhlin property. Title: Coarse embedding and fibred coarse embedding into Hilbert space. Title: Band truncation approximation for opeartors in uniform Roe algebras of discrete groups.

Title: Minimal dynamics and the Jiang-Su algebra. Title: Quantization and quantum Gromov-Hausdorff convergences. Title: Property T for discrete groupoids. Title: A brief introduction to the basic homotopy lemma.

Title: TBA. State University. Title: Classification of certain order zero c. Title: The Toms-Winter conjecture. Title: An introduction to the basic homotopy lemma. Title: Variations on the theme of amenability. Title: Introduction to Connes-Chern character and some applications. Title: On localized index theory.

Speaker: Dr. Title: Coarse compactification and index theory -- II. Title: On Gelfand transformations. Title: Well-posedness of vector-valued boundary problems with periodic conditions. Title: Operator norm convergence of Fourier series in uniform Roe algebras of discrete groups.

Title: A note on noncommutative sigma-model on noncommutative torus. Title: Operator monotone functions, operator convex functions, and strongly operator convex functions. Title: Branching systems of directed graphs. Title: On certain generalized noncommutative tori. Title: Coarse compactification and index theory.

Title: Lecture series on twisted topological graph algebras. Title: An Introduction to Approximate Subgroups. Title: The non-commutative geometry of two-by-two matrices. Title: Reduced abelian group actions on UHF algebras. Title: Minimal dynamical system on odd dimensional spheres.

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  • Speaker: Prof. Title: Conditionally negative type kernels, the Haagerup property and higher index problem. Title: Irrational Extended Rotation Algebras. Title: A classification for AF-systems of certain finite cyclic groups. Title: Spectral coincidence between lamplighter and BBS automata. Title: A survey on non-commutative sigma model. Title: Coarse geometry via uniformly bounded representations. Title: Minimal dynamical systems on odd dimensional connected spaces.

    Title: Murray-von Neumann equivalence for positive elements and order zero c. Title: Distance between unitary orbits of normal elements -- IV.

    Entropy and index for subfactors

    Title: Distance between unitary orbits of normal elements. Title: Coarse geometric approach to the Baum-Connes conjecture. Title: Positive curvature and relative coarse index theory. Title: Geometric Property T. Title: About the root distributions of polynomials. Title: On ordered Bratteli diagrams -- II.

    Title: On ordered Bratteli diagrams. Title: Truncation approximation in uniform Roe algebras and spectral invariant dense subalgebras. Title: A stably projectionless K-theoretic analogue of the Jiang-Su algebra. Title: Distance between measure spaces and distance between unitary orbits of normal elements.

    Title: An hour of stability. Title: Bott elements, can they add? Title: Exel formula and rotation algebras -- II. Title: Localization and Berezin transform on the Fock space. Title: Exel formula and rotation algebras. Title: Banach spectral gaps of finite graphs II: Large scale geometry. Title: Banach spectral gaps of finite graphs I: Expanders and Kazhdan-type constants. Title: Existence of actions with the tracial Rohlin property. Title: Diagonalization of homomorphisms. Title: Existence of group actions with the tracial Rohlin property. Title: Fibred coarse embedding of metric spaces and its applications.

    Title: Corona algebra of the stablized Jiang Su algebra.

    Index for C*-subalgebras Index for C*-subalgebras
    Index for C*-subalgebras Index for C*-subalgebras
    Index for C*-subalgebras Index for C*-subalgebras
    Index for C*-subalgebras Index for C*-subalgebras
    Index for C*-subalgebras Index for C*-subalgebras
    Index for C*-subalgebras Index for C*-subalgebras

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