Called to Love: Approaching John Paul IIs Theology of the Body

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We need always to remember that John Paul II throughout his priestly ministry remained totally committed to the care of married couples and the family. The theology of the body is a key element of his pastoral approach. In what way does the pope develop the traditional doctrine? Father Granados : The good news of Christianity is that God is love, a communion of persons in which the Father gives himself totally to the Son in the union of the Holy Spirit. John Paul II has developed an understanding of the human person in the light of this Trinitarian love.

Anderson : This is also an important concept for the work of the Knights of Columbus since our Order is based upon the principles of charity, unity and fraternity. What might people gain from studying the theology of the body? What inspired you to write this book?


Father Granados : The aim of this book is to help the reader discover the great vocation to which God calls him: a vocation to love. We often live unaware of this great call to love and thus are unable to give an answer to it. Because of this, our lives risk being wasted, without attaining their fulfillment. This means that the theology of the body is not only a teaching about human sexuality, but it also contains a whole understanding of the human person and of the world.

Personality, Conversion, and Being: On John Paul II’s “Fides et Ratio”

This, in turn, helps us understand better our vocation within marriage, within our family and within the world. Even before becoming Pope John Paul II, Karol Wojtyla had decades of pastoral experience and wrote on matters related to marriage and family. Why is the family so important, and what does the theology of the body teach us about the nature of human love? The pope speaks in this regard of the genealogy of the person. Our identity as human persons is formed in the family.

The same is true for a parent; it is not just that a person has a child, but that he is a father or mother. In the family, we understand that we come from another as children and are called to become spouses and parents. Anderson : We can see from this why John Paul II believed that the family is the central place of encounter between Christianity and contemporary society. This is true even for those who never marry. What role does Christian revelation play in understanding who we are?

Father Granados : Modern man suffers from a crisis of identity. We need to know who we are and what our path in life is. For instance, the pope talks about an original solitude: Adam realizes in the garden that he is alone. This means that our identity is always constituted before the mystery of God, as creatures who come from him. John Paul II then adds the experience of unity: We only know who we are and how to reach God when we encounter another person through love.

John Paul II's Interpretation of the Second Vatican Council

Precisely because the pope starts with an analysis of human experience, the theology of the body is universal and refers not just to Christians. Every human being asks himself about the meaning of life and how to find fulfillment. The theology of the body answers these questions in terms of love. Like his predecessor, Benedict takes as his point of departure the way Christ reveals to man his own vocation.

In Deus Caritas Est , he writes that in order to give a good definition of love, we will need to start by looking at the Crucified one It is at the foot of the Cross that we learn what love is all about. Anderson : This was the central pastoral vision of the Second Vatican Council. Sometimes I get weary about blogging because of the time it takes and some days it seems so boring. So I ask questions like: is it useful, for whom am I writing, for what reason, is this just an ego-trip, etc. He said:. The special challenge before you, is to find ways to ensure that the voice of the Church is not marginalized or silenced in the modern arena of the media.

You have a role to play in ensuring that the Gospel is not confined to a strictly private world. Jesus Christ must be proclaimed to the whole world; and therefore the Church must enter the great forum of the media with courage and confidence. In this context it seems only right also to recall that the Council sprang from the great heart of Pope John XXIII, the 50th anniversary of whose election to the Chair of Peter we are commemorating today, 28 October.

In practically all his documents, and especially in his decisions and his behaviour as Pontiff, John Paul II accepted the fundamental petitions of the Second Vatican Council, thus becoming a qualified interpreter and coherent witness of it. If so, how? How do you think Gabby should deal with her concerns? No human sexuality program can spend too much time identifying narcissism, misogyny, and moth-to-flame attractions and their underlying causes. The more discussion on how to spot and cope with such relational aberrations the better.

Students meet a superb activity in Lesson 4, Unit 5, where they are asked whether the arrival of a child is a problem in three hard cases involving tuberculosis and deafness; an interracial rape; and an older, pregnant woman with heart problems who already has a son. The students find out that those cases are real and that each mother chose life. The lives in question? Alas, many of the activities are nave, even childish. The first and third activities for 9 th graders are cases in point.

In the first, students see the picture of a baby girl who is looking through a window. The activity: Observe the photograph of this little girl. What does it remind you of? Just below is a cartoon character that looks like a smiling alarm clock holding a pencil. The clock is thinking, It seems like shes looking through the window and shes surprised… by something…but…. Then more questions and some sagacity albeit odd and out of place : Is she looking at herself?

Can she see her face reflected in the glass? Seeing is different from looking, and hearing is different from listening. Many times we go through life walking on our tiptoes. The third activity is to try and take a picture of oneself like the one of the little girl and glue it to the frame on the activity page.

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This will be your beginning says the script. While such activities may attract 2 nd or 3 rd graders, it is a stretch to imagine 9 th graders being gainfully absorbed. Jumping to the senior year: in lesson two, students make their own love thermometers, using self-discovery phrases that help determine, along the way, whether they have experienced true love. Throughout the program, several of the activities employ charades.

Again, it is hard to picture high school students taking the affective and sexual content seriously when the means of conveyance are hand and arm gestures and facial expressions. Teachers-in-charge would need to be quick-witted, full of life, and universally admired to pull off lesson plans replete with the proposed skits acted out by individuals or groups. Catholic reviewers have castigated TMP for its lascivious content see this critique , for example. They are referring, primarily, to the visual ads in Lesson 1 of the junior year. The photos in question are, indeed, erotic, and the commercial sell panders to young, sophisticated metro-types.

One ad shows a young man and woman in bed presumably after being intimate. The woman is turned on her side facing the manthe viewer sees her bare left side and back.

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The man is on his back, playing Nintendo on a Dooders gizmo. The caption: The second-best thing to do in the dark. With such ads, TMP authors hope to show Catholic youth that the secular world has divided the person, especially the male, into two parts: the groin and whatever else remains. Do the ads get the secular, dualistic message across? Yes, without a doubt. Are they appropriate for teens? Easily predictable is that many, if not most, junior males will envy the man in the Dooders ad who, in effect, has two play-stations in tandem. The other questionable ads are simply more kindling.

There is much that is good-to-very good in TMP. Highlighted are some of the keeper aspects. Also noted are some negatives that, with more pondering and editing, could become positives. Difficult to find, perhaps, but not impossible. On the title page of The Meeting Point , the authors emphasize that the program is a work in progress, and they encourage input. Below are inputs, sincerely offered, hopefully helpful. Some of the background material for educators is well-written; some is abstruse. Compare the two parts of the following, complete paragraph:. The virtues are necessary so that we can act in a unified way.

They allow us to govern our life with wise decisions, performing excellent actions. In this way, we are able to grow as persons. Our operative principles are re-articulated so as to allow us to build and actualize an accomplished life through those actions that allow us to relate to the people that we love. In this context, it pertains to the virtue of chastity to integrate our effective dynamisms. While the first part is clear and concise, the second causes more than a little head-scratching. An editor with a background in theology, philosophy, and literature could make the written material flow.

Does Spain have a C. Lewis or James V. Schall, S. Such a person would be an enormous asset. Such a list should immediately follow the title page. As mentioned, high school text books, including illustrations and diagrams, bespeak the seriousness of the content. The fonts used are grown-up, if you will. By contrast, the overall look of the student activity sections in TMP is that of a storybook.

The font used is rounded and often in bold, adding to the sense that the texts design favors readers with short attention spans. As mentioned, the tent is the young person in the process of maturing.

Pope John Paul II's Teaching On Existential Dignity - Faith Movement

But, in the very first unitThe Tent. Me: Being a Personthe photo shows a teen-aged girl and guy hunched down in a corridor ready to race each other. Even though the girl is holding what could be a tent rope, the title and photo are incongruous. Unit 6 is titled Tent Door and Zipper. My Desire for True Love and features a photo of two young people dancing at a formal ball. But the disconnect between title and photo is not the main drawback.

Rather, it is the bound-to-happen, juvenile-mind connection between the zipper of the tents door and the zipper on a pair of jeans. Verily, the authors should consider tent door flaps and fasteners or simply tent opening. Emotions, says St. Thomas Aquinas, trigger the intellect. The intellect interprets an emotion, harnesses the emotions affective energy, and decides on the best course of action, including not taking any action. To respond well to any such triggers, the intellect needs a close relationship with truth. Indeed, the more one sees reality the way reality really is , the more one is capable of prudencethe form, the mother if you will, of justice, fortitude, and temperance.

In short, the intellectual dimension of the human person needs its own development which, in turn, will assist the persons affective dimension. One does not grasp truth by getting in touch with ones feelings. Each TMP lesson, then, should have a feeding the intellect component that comes before the activities that focus primarily on how the teen feels about this or that situation. It is realized in a truly human way only if it is an integral part of the love by which a man and a woman commit themselves totally to one another until death.

The total physical self-giving would be a lie if it were not the sign and fruit of a total personal self-giving, in which the whole person, including the temporal dimension, is present : if the person were to withhold something or reserve the possibility of deciding otherwise in the future, by this very fact he or she would not be giving totally FC , Questions for students: What does the part in bold mean?

Where does the total self-giving idea come from? The rest of the sentence brings up the notion of reservation: Is contracepting a reservation? If so, why? Even if the teacher ends up giving many of the answers, the students would be getting grist for their intellectual mills, not to mention a firmer foundation for the next intellectual challenge.

The point: no high school teacher should shy away from digging out and proffering the truth, especially when culled from primary sources. TMP s emphasis on the affective side of the young person mirrors Pope Franciss emphasis on the affective development of the adult Christian.

The content of the Faith, therefore, is not automatically to the fore. As spelled out above in feeding the intellect, the strength and longevity of TMP would be greatly enhanced by treating truth and love as two sides of the same coin. That said, the reader can find paragraphs within TMP s pages mostly in the educator sections that do peal the eternal truth about marriage and family. Those paragraphs, and more, need to filter down to students. TMP s authors quote Fr. Servais Pinckaers for a reason.

Pinckaers knew well the importance of truth, and truths effect upon love: Without the truth, there is neither happiness nor lasting love….

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    Called to Love: Approaching John Paul IIs Theology of the Body Called to Love: Approaching John Paul IIs Theology of the Body
    Called to Love: Approaching John Paul IIs Theology of the Body Called to Love: Approaching John Paul IIs Theology of the Body
    Called to Love: Approaching John Paul IIs Theology of the Body Called to Love: Approaching John Paul IIs Theology of the Body
    Called to Love: Approaching John Paul IIs Theology of the Body Called to Love: Approaching John Paul IIs Theology of the Body
    Called to Love: Approaching John Paul IIs Theology of the Body Called to Love: Approaching John Paul IIs Theology of the Body
    Called to Love: Approaching John Paul IIs Theology of the Body Called to Love: Approaching John Paul IIs Theology of the Body
    Called to Love: Approaching John Paul IIs Theology of the Body Called to Love: Approaching John Paul IIs Theology of the Body
    Called to Love: Approaching John Paul IIs Theology of the Body Called to Love: Approaching John Paul IIs Theology of the Body
    Called to Love: Approaching John Paul IIs Theology of the Body

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